Getting started

Speaking on behalf of The Four Oarsmen and our two charities, we are incredibly grateful and overwhelmed with all of the support we have received.

We are all training harder than ever before – every spare minute of every day revolves around preparation in one way or another (training, sponsorship, research, PR). After a 24 hour row and various fitness tests over Christmas we have assigned ourselves individual goals to focus on;

George - after knee surgery last year, he is working on building his leg strength back up. George was always more of an ‘organic’ rugby player, rather than 'gym monkey', but things have quickly changed! We have been slowly weaning him on to protein shakes (which he hates) but we are determined to get him bulked up. When not pumping iron, George has been waltzing to and from the very swanky Fulham Reach Boat Club in his lycras for his 1:1 rowing coaching sessions. Meanwhile, George's sleep deprivation training is coming on leaps and bounds thanks to some fairly savage shifts in the office to fit around the rigorous training.

Stu or ‘Stroke Rate Stu’ as we like to call him is the Four Oarsmen’s resident rowing coach – he rows and CrossFit’s during the week and rows most weekends on the Thames with Auriol Kensington Rowing club. If he catches you rowing with bad technique… you know about it! With the help of Laura we are also fattening him up and he’s almost reached his target weight. He now struggles to fit into his work shirts so by November he may need a new wardrobe.

Pete is acclimatizing to the remote farming lifestyle, his once sharp city-boy look is now a distant memory and as he sits on our team conference calls devouring roast chickens he is now starting to resemble a half-man half-gorilla. After doing the morning rounds on the cattle he travels to the local CrossFit gym in Alnwick or heads down to Newburn Rowing Club to train on the river Tyne with the Newcastle University Rowing Team to give them a run for their money.

Dicky is fattening up on Texas steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He either wakes up at 4:45am to travel down to the Bay Area Rowing Club near the Port of Houston where he rows for 2 hours before driving back into Downtown Houston to work either that or he gets a good beasting in the gym off his gym buddy Mike. In March he is looking forward to being back with the Oarsmen lads to pick up from where they left off after Christmas.

We come back together as a team on the 8th March for our sea survival training course, following that we will be completing a 4 day row along the coast to get some serious miles under our belt. We'll keep you posted with how we get on and will report back with more details of our fundraising dinner that we'll be holding later in the year.